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Goodgene, Inc. has developed many gene therapeutics using GenecarryTM delivery system.

The one example is Neo-p53, a gene medicine comprising modified p53 gene and importin gene formulated with GenecarryTM.

p53 is the most potent tumor suppressor protein and importin is a natural carrier protein transporting p53 into nucleus.
Combined administration of p53 gene and importin gene has shown much more potent efficacy than single administration of p53 gene.
This Neo-p53 can be administered via intravenous route or tumor supplying artery just like conventional anticancer drugs.

Researchers of Goodgene, Inc. have conducted a series of clinical study of Neo-p53 gene therapy for 5 years in many clinical centers in Korea.
Neo-p53 gene medicine has been shown to have high efficacy against advanced lung and liver cancer which had failed by conventional chemotherapies.

In addition, it has minimal toxicity even on repeated administration in contrast to most viral vectors.
Neo-p53 gene medicine is also a potent radio-sensitizer and thus remarkably increase the efficacy of radiation therapy for cancer.

Goodgene also developed modified VEGF gene medicine comprising modified VEGF gene (i.e., Its internal DNA sequences have been artificially changed to increase the efficacy) formulated with GenecarryTM.This modified VEGF gene may be a promising new drug for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and impotence.

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