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The TMC-1000 System improved the existing PCR method to a great extent so that it can quickly develop high sensitivity and specificity with a very slight amount of sample. Therefore, it helps to obtain optimum results when used for general studies as well as molecular diagnosis requiring rapidly and correctness simultaneously, hazard analysis for foods, environmental tests, etc.

1. High Speed
The GenSpector TMC-1000 System utilizes Newly developed electronic temperature controls which, when grafted onto silicon chip, results in a remarkable ramping rate. This, in turn, makes it possible to drastically reduce reaction time.

2. Breaking New Ground - module & chip
Now you can leave peltier based cyclers behind and step into the new era of independent thermal cycling made possible by microchips and module platforms created with BioMEMS technology

3. Automatic analysis ? in situ monitoring
Now you can Monitor every stage of thermal cycling in real time. Instead of just providing end images, the optic modules of the GenSpector TMC-1000 System act as your eyes from beginning to end, capturing every reaction.

4. Reproducibility & Accurarcy
Through series of tests, the GenSpector TMC-1000 Systemí»s high level of reproducibility and accuracy have been establish as fact. This confidence provides a foundation worthy of our customersí» belief and trust.

5. Unique, User-friendly design
The unique design of the GenSpector system was created with the goal of making the most user-friendly product possible and includes numerous convenient, built-in space saving features.

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