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People who have a family history about alopecia usually consider when I will turn about to be bold. For those people, Hair gene test tell the reason of alopecia and also the progress of alopecia.
The gene test could the reasons that alopecia come from genetic history of family or from stress. In addition to, the treatments of your hair are recommended according to your results of hair gene test.
The GG Hair gene test tells the reason of alopeciaand predicts your progress of alopecia.
There are two main reasons of alopecia. One is androgenic alopecia which is caused by over production of testosterone. Another is stress and other atmosphere problem.
The test of alopecia searches for the genes which are related to the androgen signaling. Also, there are similar phenomenon in women because women could loss hair in the period of the menopause. This test is based on the Data Base of GOODGENE which was made from the test of a lot of standard sample.
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