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People was just used to put some cream or lotion on their face by their instinct. There are no scientific reasons or expected results. Many companies recommend several new cosmetics however did you believe they make your skin condition better? How?
Your skin-condition is changing everyday related to your body condition and your environment. Therefore, you should know how your skins are and which cosmetics do your skin need. We are recommend at least one skin gene test a month.
Skin Gene Test show the condition of skin aging, moisture, whitening and elasticity(wrinkle) throughout genetic engineering technique. The test has a goal to service a tailor made cosmetics for costumers after predicting their skin condition compare with the GG Data Base which has a lot of skin gene test information about various skin sample of males and females.
It is different to machinery tests in the point of view to measure a quantity of gene expression in skin cell. The high technology could tell your skin condition precisely.
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