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The SKINIA is applied to the nano-technique that make it possible to transfer our main substances into dermis in safety and effectively because the main substances are cover with nano- particles and they protect to degradation. Also, nano-particles help to keep the moisture .
Growth factor (Anti aging) + Natural Seaweed (Moisturizing)
The fluid consisted with Growth factor and Natural Seaweed is one of the best products which has abilities of anti-aging and moisturing Growth factor (Anti aging) + Peptide/Argireline (Wrinkle Free)The Serum has plant placenta and Argireline which are well known for improving wrinkle condition. Also, the plant placenta promotes to use more oxygen than animal placenta and helps to regenerate cell..Growth factor (Anti aging) + Natural Isoflavon (Rejuvenation)The Emulsion provides nutrition into skin cell and controls the level of hormone.
Therefore, the emulsion helps to regenerate cell and to be rejuvenation Growth factor (Anti aging) + Oriental Herbal (Whitening)The cream consisted with Multicomplex and Oriental Herbal could protect to produce melanin by controlling the level of hormone and dissolve the pigments in skin surface. Also, it has an effect to improve the skin condition such as atopy.
The eye cream helps to regenerate cell and to be rejuvenation
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