Homerab. introResearch & Development Division
The team is responsible for the development and production of GG HPV genotyping chips, GG STD genotyping chips, GG liver chips and GG AW chips.
is used to diagnose 43 types of Human Papilloma Virius (HPV) which is one factor of Cervix Cancer.
is used to diagnose 5 types of bacteria which are major factors of sexual transmitted diseases (STDs).
is used to diagnose the infection rates, genotyping and antibiotic resistance of hepatitis virus (HBV and HCV).
the so-called ˇ°anti-aging and well-being chipˇ± or Nutrigenomics chip, is used to diagnose genetic nutrition by differentiating individual SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms).
This team is in charge of the development and production of GG cancer diagnosis chips which are used in diagnosing early cancer (an aim of screening) by genetic mutations or epigenetic mutations from blood, sputum or biopsy samples.
The team is responsible for the development and production of GG PCR kits which are used for conventional PCR and realtime PCR and Micro PCR using GenSpector TMC-1000.
Each GG PCR kit comprises a food poisoning bacteria typing PCR kit, an STD single and an STD multiplex genotyping PCR kit, a HBV & HCV genotyping realtime PCR kit and a skin & hair gene test PCR kit, respectively.
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